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Aeron Cluster provides an implementation of Raft Consensus upon which highly available services can be built.

Aeron Cluster has the following capabilities:

  • sequences multiple client connections into a single, replicated log
  • provides efficient fault tolerance with 2 or more nodes
  • provides Aeron Archive endpoints for writing to snapshots and reading from snapshots on start
  • allows 1 or more clustered services to be run, with support for inter-service sequenced messaging
  • reliable, sequenced timers
  • very high levels of performance, in particular with premium features such as kernel bypass when using the C media driver

Typical use cases include:

  • host one or more central limit order books
  • host RFQ, IOI or similar negotiation logic
  • message sequencer
  • game state for multiplayer games
  • any other scenario where you require fault-tolerant, high performance state

Aeron Cluster is typically deployed on bare metal and cloud services. Adaptive have open sourced an Aeron Cluster sample that builds a simple application with a 3 node deployment on Docker and Kubernetes.