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Aeron efficiently replicates ordered log buffers across process or network boundaries with predictable latency. The Aeron API offers three primary interaction points - the Media Driver, Publications and Subscriptions.

The Media Driver currently supports transport over both UDP and IPC. UDP socket interactions can be offloaded to Open Onload if the necessary drivers & hardware are available for use.

In addition to the core IPC and UDP functionality, Aeron offers:

  • Aeron Archive, which provides disk backed storage for streams, and
  • Aeron Cluster, which allows developers to build RAFT protocol based fault tolerant services


The Media Driver and the Aeron client API make up the core of Aeron. Aeron Archive and Aeron Cluster add additional components as described in the Archive overview and Cluster overview.

aeron Sender Publication Subscription Media Driver Conductor Client Conductor Receiver Client Application Volatile Fields & Queues Media Driver IPC Ring/Broadcast Buffers Receiver Driver Conductor Sender Media Driver IPC/UDP IPC Log Buffer Subscription Publication Client Conductor Client Application

See the Media Driver and Log Buffer sections for more on the Aeron architecture.