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Why Aeron Cookbook?

I built Aeron Cookbook because it was something I wished was around when first using Aeron myself. This content initially started out as a section of notes on my personal website, and once others started discovering and reading it I decided to move it over to a dedicated domain, and invest some more time into building it out. My day job involves leading teams building financial trading systems using Aeron, Aeron Archive and Aeron Cluster.


  • Aeron®, Artio and Agrona ©2014-2023 Real Logic Limited.
  • Simple Binary Encoding ©2013-2023 Real Logic Limited.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all other content is ©2018-2023 Shaun Laurens. All rights reserved.

Aeron® is a UK registered trade mark of Adaptive Financial Consulting Ltd.


You can contact the author, Shaun Laurens at my personal site here

You can also find me on GitHub.

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