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Building the C Media Driver on macOS


You want to test the Aeron C Media Driver and other tools, such as AeronStat


You will need to download the source code from GitHub and build it yourself.


As of 1.36.0 Apple Silicon machines are supported build targets.

Steps for macOS Monterey on Intel machines

After cloning the Aeron repository from GitHub, checkout the latest release branch:

git checkout 1.42.0

Next, install the macOS Developer Tools via the command line in order to get the correct compiler:

xcode-select --install

Next, install CMake from Homebrew:

brew install cmake

Finally, run the build:


That should build successfully. To confirm, try running Aeron's Media Driver. In the /cppbuild/Release/binaries folder, execute:

./aeronmd -Daeron_print_configuration=true

Other operating systems and macOS versions are likely to have different steps required. See the Aeron homepage for compiler requirements.

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