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Building the C Media Driver on Ubuntu 20.04


You want to test the Aeron C Media Driver and other tools, such as AeronStat on Ubuntu 20.04


You will need to download the source code from GitHub and build it yourself.


After cloning the Aeron repository from GitHub, checkout the latest release branch:

git checkout 1.42.0

Next, ensure that apt is up-to-date

  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt upgrade

Next, install build-essential

sudo apt install build-essential

Next, install CMake:

  • option 1: via Ubuntu Software. Just launch the app, search for CMake and install it
  • option 2: snap, via command line. sudo snap install cmake -classic

Next, ensure java is available:

java -version - this should point to a valid JDK 8+ install.

Finally, run the build:


That should build successfully. To confirm, try running Aeron's Media Driver. In the /cppbuild/Release/binaries folder, execute:

./aeronmd -Daeron_print_configuration=true

Other Linux distributions and versions are likely to have different steps required. See the Aeron homepage for compiler requirements.

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