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Advanced Topics

Topics that are not included in this cookbook:

  • Maximizing Aeron performance by tuning Aeron, using the C driver and hardware acceleration
  • Multicast, Multi-Destination-Cast and production flow control strategies
  • Securing Aeron, Aeron Archive and Aeron Cluster
  • Encryption
  • Running Aeron Cluster in production, including topics on handling poison pills, real-time cross data center cluster replication, deployment recommendations, etc.
  • Proven designs for digital marketplaces, exchanges, ticker plants, order management systems and more.
  • Artio, the high performance FIX engine based on Aeron

Premium Aeron Features

Aeron has additional premium features available to commercial support customers, including:

  • Solarflare ef_vi transport bindings which can significantly improve latency
  • Aeron Transport Security, which adds support for high performance encrypted network traffic

See GitHub for the most up-to-date information.

Commercial Support, Training and Consulting

Real Logic, the authors of Aeron, provide commercial support and training. See GitHub.