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How do I tell Aeron which port range to use?


This feature was introduced with Aeron 1.42.0. The port manager will only supply ports to items which have a :0 in the channel configuration. Channels with specific ports selected are not impacted.


You want the Media Driver to select ports from a given range, to simplify firewall or other configuration.


Make use of the port manager configuration now found in the Media Driver Context. There is a built-in implementation of the interface called which allows port range selection.


First, define the desired port range. For this example, the desired port range will run from port 1000-2000. Port ranges are defined within an int[2], with the first entry being the starting low port and the second entry being the ending high port:

public static int[] SAMPLE_PORT_RANGE = new int[2];

Then within the Media Driver Context:

        final MediaDriver.Context context = new MediaDriver.Context()
        .senderPortManager(new WildcardPortManager(SAMPLE_PORT_RANGE, true))
        .receiverPortManager(new WildcardPortManager(SAMPLE_PORT_RANGE, false));

The second parameter to the WildcardPortManager informs the WildcardPortManager if it is being used as a provider of sender ports, or not.

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