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How can I understand what Aeron is doing at runtime?


You have a running Aeron application, and are trying to understand what's happening.


Either programmatically inspect system and stream counters, or use the sample tools included with Aeron.


This is a deep topic, and the content is spread in other parts of

Firstly, it helps to understand the architecture of Aeron, specifically Publications and Subscriptions plus Log Buffers & Images. Once the architecture is understood, review the content on Understanding Position in Aeron. Now that you understand the basics, it's time to look at the tooling:

  • AeronStat provides the deepest overview of what's happening in a Media Driver
  • BacklogStat provides a view on current data backlogs
  • LossStat lists all known data loss events suffered by the Media Driver on UDP streams
  • ErrorStat provides a list of unique errors raised by the process(es) using the Media Driver
  • Aeron Agent provides low level logging of Aeron activity with the Aeron Agent

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