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Building the C Media Driver on CentOS Linux 8


You want to test the Aeron C Media Driver and other tools, such as AeronStat on CentOS Linux 8


You will need to download the source code from GitHub and build it yourself.


After cloning the Aeron repository from GitHub, checkout the latest release branch:

git checkout 1.42.0

Next, ensure that the system is up-to-date:

dnf check-update

Next, install GCC and related (you may require sudo):

dnf install gcc gcc-c++ make

Next, install CMake (you may require sudo):

dnf install cmake

Next, ensure java is available:

java -version - this should point to a valid JDK 8+ install. If not, install it.

Finally, run the build:


That should build successfully. To confirm, try running Aeron's Media Driver. In the /cppbuild/Release/binaries folder, execute:

./aeronmd -Daeron_print_configuration=true

Other Linux distributions and versions are likely to have different steps required. See the Aeron homepage for compiler requirements.

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